How to Recover Files from USB Flash Drive?

Are you struggling to get back data that has been accidentally deleted or lost from USB drive? You don't have to panic!!!This is a typical case for users utilizing USB drives for storing their information. Now it is easy to recover USB files by making use of effective USB File Recovery software. This magnificent tool works effectively on your latest Windows and Mac platforms by restoring files in a secure manner. One can own this tool to recover USB files of different categories like documents, images, visual files, animations including its sub categories. By using this software, you will be able to recover USB files from different popularly used drives such as Transcend, Kingston, Sony, SanDisk and so on. Peek in to know about Transcend USB drive recovery software.

Recover USB Files - Boxshot


Recover USB Files utility contains a well configured GUI with very simple and attractive architecture, that helps even a beginner to carry the recovery process without any external guidance. Due to its fast recovery engine, drives can be scanned at a greater speed and the any number of files can be retrieved within a very short span of time.  

This tool has an amazing capabilities like

  • Preview of retrieved files after recovery
  • Best Graphical user interface for easy recovery
  • Option to save restored USB files on any storage medium
  • Highly advanced and super fast recovery engine to restore USB files

Top 5 events causing the loss of files from flash drives:

Improper ejection:  USB drives are very sensitive in nature. One must be very careful while ejecting the drive, when it is connected to a computer. It is always recommended for users to utilize the “Safely Remove Hardware” option while ejecting. Any carelessness shown in this regard can result in a major loss of files from your USB flash drives.

Interruption during File transfer:   Sharing of information plays are major role in our day to day work. In computers, it can be achieved by using portable devices like USB drives. Sometimes, when you transfer files from your USB drive to computers, the process can be halted by a power surge or abrupt removal of drives. This can result file loss that was yet in a state of transfer

File system corruption:  Files on USB drives are arranged and managed well by FAT file system. But due to certain causes, a file system may face a corruption.  Due to this major impact, all the files saved on your drives becomes inaccessible. Now you need a aid of a recovery software to restore USB files

Quick Format:  Accidental formatting is one of the basic problems concerned with storage devices.  While accessing the flash drives, users can select the format option by mistake. All your files get deleted within no time. Therefore, this results in a huge loss of data. Use USB File Recovery to recover files after quick format USB

Unintentional deletion: Human is prone to making errors while using the computer system. They can select their essential files without knowledge, when clearing the useless files with the delete option. Or a  user can select delete option wrongly, while his intention was to use some other option

In all these scenarios USB File Recovery has a capability to recover USB files after facing all these scenarios. Its recovery engine can search your drives for the deleted files and restore USB files quickly.  The software identifies the files, based on its file signature and restores them back 

Guidelines to recover USB files:

Step 1: Firstly, download the software to achieve USB flash drive file recovery Mac or Windows system. Connect the USB flash drive to the system. From the main screen select "Recover Photos" option in order to recover USB files

Recover USB Files  - Main Screen

Fig 1: Home Page

Step 2: Now you have to select either "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" based on the factor that caused data loss to retrieve lost files.

USB File Recovery - Recover Deleted or Lost Pictures

Fig 2: Select Mode of Recovery

Step 3: When the active partitions and drives are listed you need to select the USB drive from where you lost the files

Recover Files from USB Drive - Select Samsung Drive

Fig 3: Choose USB Drive

Step 4: Once the scanning is completed. Select the list of files from the list and preview it

File Recovery from USB Flash Drive - View the recovered file

Fig 4: Preview Recovered File

Step 5: Finally, save the required files after purchasing the tool online

How to Recover USB Flash Drive Files?  - Save the retrieved file

Fig 5: Save File

Follow the below precautions to avoid data loss from system:

  • Make a habit of taking backup of your essential files prior to facing data loss scenarios
  • Use the “Safely Remove Hardware” consistently whenever you remove your USB drive

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