File Recovery from USB External Hard Drive

There is no one today who is not aware of hard drives. All the computer systems, basically make use of internal hard drives for storing their data. Now, hard disk are considered as the largest storage device having a high data storage capacity. However, internal hard disk can’t be portable, since they are internally embedded in the CPU. To overcome this drawback, external hard disk were launched, having the same capacity range as of internal HDD. These drives are externally connected to computers and carried to any place, due to its comparatively small disk size.

One can store in fact store all forms of file types such as photos, official and personal documents, videos and so forth. Presently, there are hugely considered for taking backup of the files. These hard drives can form a replica of the internal hard disk by storing the files in the same location  as the internal HDD. Due to certain problems occurring on the computer, unluckily one can lose their data from these USB hard drives. Wondering about how to recover files from USB external hard drive? But by utilizing the USB External Hard Drive recovery now it is easy to restore files from USB external hard drive. Check to restore your USB drive files due to quick format

Simple reasons that cause loss of files from USB external hard drive:

Abrupt Removal:  Files are saved on your USB external HDD considering it to be safe. But this is not the fact. Data loss can happen from these devices also, when they are removed abruptly, without taking a precaution.  Removal of hard drives abruptly can lead to the file system corruption and make the saved files inaccessible

Improper Transfer:  In order to achieve data sharing one needs to copy the files from one device to the other. When files are copied using the cut paste option, loss of data can happen due to an interruption in the process. The interruption can result is the automatic deletion of files, that was yet to be transferred. Now you will end up searching for a answer for how to recover files from USB external hard drive?

Unintentional deletion:  Deleting a file by mistake is the most common scenario while dealing with the computers. Users can click on the delete option by selecting any important document among the various files selected for deletion. Later, you may realize your mistake when you make a check over your files

By installing and using the USB External Hard Drive Recovery tool, now it is quick and fast process to restore files from USB external hard drive. This tool can recover flash drive data from Mac and Windows operating system of popular versions. You can also preview your retrieved files before it is saved on your computer. It supports recovery from different brands of USB external hard disk like Seagate, Buffalo, Iomega,  Hitachi and so on

USB External Hard Drive Recovery is also facilitated with demo version which can be employed on your computer for evaluating the recovery results. Refer the given link in order to restore Transcend flash drive data. Besides all these, this utility also provides a option to save the retrieved files on a specified location.

Steps showing how to recover files from usb external hard drive:

Step 1: Connect the USB external hard disk to your system. Download the software to know how to recover files from USB external hard drive. Click on "Recover Photos" option to from the first screen to restore files from USB external hard drive

How to Recover Files from USB External Hard Drive- Main Screen

Fig 1: Home Page

Step 2: Next, when the second screen is displayed select "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" option. Proceed further by selecting the connected external hard disk

How to Recover Files from USB External Hard Drive- Select USB external HDD

Fig 2: Choose USB External Hard Drive

Step 3: After the scan, select the files from the data view list and restore it back by using "Save" option

How to Recover Files from USB External Hard Drive- Save Recovered Data

Fig 3: Save Restored Data

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