Best Transcend USB Drive Recovery Software

Transcend is a popular brand of USB drives. These are plug and play storage device that helps in sharing of files between any two systems. Transcend USB drives are manufactured with different size capacity and a user can select one based on his needs. The advanced technology developed in this device, helps you to access and copy the data at a faster rate. However, Transcend flash drives are likely to face a data loss when  they happen to face unfortunate events and one cannot predict or avoid such data loss scenarios

Consider a basic scenario, where you had purchased a brand new Transcend USB drive. You wanted to format the laptop, so you took backup of all the required files on your USB flash drive. You formatted the laptop and connected the pen drive to the system, in order to copy the files back to the drive. Apparently, when you started accessing your drive, you were surprised to see the popup format error. This might possibly be caused due to abrupt removal of USB drive before formatting. What will be the sight in this case??  Don’t panic!! You can always recover your files with the use of Transcend USB Drive Recovery Software. Using this efficient Transcend USB Drive Recovery tool, you can restore USB files from Mac and Windows operating system of different versions.

There are a some couple of reasons that tends to cause data loss from Transcend USB drives. One of the common problems is a power surge. Files which are in an active read or write mode when a system shutdowns all of a sudden are prone to loss. This can result in major data loss from these drives

Formatting of drives, generally erases the entire data from the corresponding drive and assigns a new file system. But when this option is accidentally used, it can result in a huge data loss, since the entire data can be deleted with a single click

Other scenarios that cause the data loss are abrupt removal of USB drive after the usage, file transfer interruption, severe malware attack, FAT system corruption and in many other cases.

Transcend USB Drive Recovery Software is a marvelous software that enables the recovery of files lost from your USB flash drive. By owning this software on  can restore files such as picture, animations, videos, documents and many other popular file types. Prior to saving of data, it can also provide a preview of the restored file. The size if this recovery tool is very small, hence easy and fast to download and install.  

Including these features, it constitutes a “Save” option, which can be used for selecting a valid location of your choice to save your restored files. This tool can be used on Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, Window server 2003 and 2008 effortlessly. It is also available in demo version, which can be utilized to check the results prior to buying the full version Transcend USB Drive Recovery utility

Steps to use Transcend USB Drive Recovery Software:

Step 1: Connect the USB drive to the system port. Install and run Transcend USB Drive Recovery tool.

Step 2: Lauch the Transcend USB Drive Recovery utility and select ''Recover Photos" option

Transcend USB Drive Recovery Software - First Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 3: Go forward and click either "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos"

Transcend USB Drive Recovery Software- Select Recover Deleted or Lost Files

Fig 2: Select Lost or Deleted Photos

Step 4: Instantly select the Transcend USB drive from where you have lost the files

Transcend USB Drive Recovery Software - Choose Transcend USB Drive

Fig 3: Select Transcend USB flash drive

Step 5: Now select the valid position and save the file after preview

Transcend USB Drive Recovery Software- View Restored File

Fig 4: Preview Recovered File

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For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users